What is TDP?

Trunk Data Platform is an Open Source, free, Hadoop distribution.

This distribution is built by EDF (French electricity provider) & DGFIP (Tax Office by the French Ministry of Finance),
through an association called TOSIT (The Open source I Trust).

TDP is built from Apache projects source code.

Why did we choose the name Trunk ?
In reference to the elephant trunk, Hadoop’s logo.


What is Hadoop ?
Hadoop is an IT ecosystem for analytics, BI* and real time analyses, on large datasets.

What is an Hadoop distribution ?
A distribution is a coherent set of versions of Open Source projects, working perfectly together.

How are we building TDP ?
We start from Apache sources, we align versions, compile sources,
execute integration tests, generate binaries and deploy components.

Who use Hadoop ?
Hadoop has been widely used by major companies and French administrations for the past ten years.
Today, Hadoop is mainly used by those who did not want to switch to Public Cloud.


TOSIT is a French association, Loi 1901.

It is a support structure for Open Source, which aims to support the emergence of codes, Open source softwares and solutions.


With TDP, you're able to control the life cycle of your infrastructures and applications.

You're also able to define the strategic target, by choosing the Apache projects to integrate.

TDP is fully secured by default (SSL/TLS, Kerberos, Ranger, Knox).


Source code of TDP is available here:

Get Involved

There are 5 ways to participate in TDP.

The easiest way to get started is to download our sandbox and deploy TDP locally.
For this, you will need a Linux PC or a Mac with at least 32GB of RAM.
The skills required are Linux, Vagrant, Virtualbox and Hadoop.

The second way to participate in TDP is to be an end user.
For this, we recommend you to get helped by an integrator.

The third way to participate in TDP is to install it by yourself in Datacenter or Public Cloud, and be the administrator.

The fourth way to participate is to become a contributor to the project.
Come join us!

The fifth and final way to participate is to talk about it around you.

See you soon,
TDP Team.